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Godzilla (2014)
Lizzie as ..
Status: Post-Production
Release Date: May 16, 2014 (USA)

Therese (2013)
Lizzie as Therese Raquin
Status: Completed
Release Date: September 27, 2013 (USA)

Old Boy (2013)
Lizzie as Marie
Status: Completed
Release Date: November 27, 2013 (USA)

Very Good Girls (2013)
Lizzie as Gerry
Status: Completed
Release Date: 2013

Kill Your Darlings (2013)
Lizzie as Edie Parker
Status: Completed
Release Date: October 18, 2013 (USA)

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Elizabeth for Flaunt magazine !

Here’s a new photoshoot for Flaunt magazine! Once again, I love it. She’s beautiful, but the photos are very retouched. Enjoy =)

The Oxygen Destroyer Must Not Be Used

Recently, everyone’s been congratulating Elizabeth Olsen. So when I think to do the same, standing in my house with a phone to my ear, waiting for Olsen to pick up the other end somewhere in the Aosta Valley in Northwestern Italy, I wonder which of her recent accomplishments I’m speaking to. This is when I get nervous.

After training at Tisch and starring in Sean Durkin’s cigarette burn of a debut Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011), Olsen has emerged from the silken cocoon of a famously show-busy family, neatly engineering a lo-fi, roots-up career.

But Olsen looks to be leaving obscurity behind. There’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron slated for release in 2015, and Gareth Edwards’ madly anticipated reimagining of the once-tainted Godzilla franchise out this spring. (Reasons for Congratulation #1, #2, and possibly #3.) Both pictures have in common large, well-established ensemble casts (including a double pairing with Aaron Taylor-Johnson), but consist of entirely divergent personalities: Cranston/Watanabe/Binoche on the one hand, and Downey Jr. and co. on the other.

As the phone rings, warbling and distant, I imagine Olsen lounging on a tufted settee in some historic Baronial hotel, panoramic Mont Blanc in the distant dark. I wonder whether or not she’s become eager to leave behind her indie roots and embrace the multimillion-dollar Hollywood machine, though that strikes me as unlikely. She answers and the first thing I do is excuse myself, blathering while I clumsily hot-potato my phone, making sure the damn thing is, indeed, recording.

Lizzie—as she introduces herself over my frantic screen-pawing—sounds relaxed and chirpy: a relief. A relief, too, that the app says it’s been dictating this whole time. And here’s a third, for good measure: Olsen’s breezy attitude makes me feel like if this totally fails, if the transoceanic call drops or the battery melts in my hand, calling her back wouldn’t be such a big deal.

I confirm we’re recording.

“I’d have no idea how to even begin to do that, honestly,” she starts in, laughing.

Written by Prisc. on Apr 14, 2014 • Categories: Interview, Photoshoots0 Comment

Elizabeth covers Marie Claire !

Hello! Elizabeth covers new Marie Claire edition for may ! She gorgeous, I love it !

Written by Prisc. on Apr 14, 2014 • Categories: Photoshoots, Scans0 Comment

Avengers set

I have added new photos of Elizabeth on the set of Avengers 2 on March 26, 2014. Thanks to Aurélie for the photos. Enjoy =)

Written by Prisc. on Mar 30, 2014 • Categories: Avengers 2, On The Set0 Comment

First look at the Scarlet Witch

Hello guys! Here’s the photos of Elizabeth on the set of Avengers 2 in Italy on March 25 & 26 ! Thanks to Aurélie for the photos.

Written by Prisc. on Mar 29, 2014 • Categories: Avengers 2, On The Set0 Comment

Candids in Paris !

I have added two new candids photos of Elizabeth out in Paris with Boyd on March 04 & March 06. Enjoy =)

Written by Prisc. on Mar 25, 2014 • Categories: Candids0 Comment

Paris Fashion Week

Hello! I’m late sorry. I have added a new event photos of Elizabeth at Miu Miu Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter with Boyd on March 05, 2014. She was beautiful, and unfortunately I couldn’t go in Paris to see her, which is pretty sad. But enjoy the photos ;) Thanks to Gabby for some pics.

Written by Prisc. on Mar 25, 2014 • Categories: Candids, Events0 Comment

Promoting “In Secret”

Elizabeth was on the show “Watch What Happens Live” on February 19 and on the show “Today” on February 20, still for promoting her new movie “In Secret” ! Enjoy =)

Written by Prisc. on Feb 22, 2014 • Categories: TV Appearances0 Comment

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